“I believe that a godly home is a foretaste of heaven. Our homes, imperfect as they are, must be a haven from the chaos outside. They should be a reflection of our eternal home, where troubled souls find peace, weary hearts find rest, hungry bodies find refreshment, lonely pilgrims find communion, and wounded spirits find compassion.” --- Jani Ortlund

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Welcome to Sparrow's Nest


Welcome to my quiet nest! 

I hope you find your visits here warm and pleasant.

I am an old fashioned soul who loves being at home and caring for my small house and garden.
My beautiful family is my joy and the centre of my world.. and my faith in Jesus Christ my source of contentment and happiness.
I am an ordinary housewife and mother living in an ordinary house filled with opportunities to discover the blessings of each and every ordinary day.
And just sometimes....something very extraordinary is found in my homely little nest!